Santoshi Padhiar
Children Photographer
Santoshi left a fruitful career in Finance to pursue her passion. She now photographs major brands such as Coca-Cola, Maybelline, Sony to name a few. She comes with a wealth of knowledge of burning ideas to life within promotions and marketing. Mini Mode is very much the heart of her ethos. Her passion is to see all the kids she works with succeeding and never give up on their dreams.


Emma Wright 
Emma is a commercial children’s photographer. Specialising in kid’s fashion, editorial, portrait and advertising photography. For Emma photography is storytelling. Focusing on children, whose imaginations are limitless, the creative process opens up. Her work is editorial in style & she fuses cinematic influences with a love of fashion, styling and art to form her distinct creative identity.

Anita Whittaker
Only Boys and Tomboys
Anita is a fashion and interior stylist and runs the lifestyle blog ‘Only Boys and Tomboys’ which has a huge online following, all about her and her 4 sons. She has worked with many children’s fashion brands and loves to use fashion to allow her boys to express themselves! Anita has had big success as the family of Vodaphone in 2015. She brings her experience and great contacts to Mini Mode.