Mini Mode Round Up!
October 1, 2018
Mini Mode Pushing Boundaries with ‘Revolution and Culture Fusion’ Editorial
December 18, 2018

When it comes to fashion favourites, my ‘go to’s’ have got to be sport luxe, leopard print, all things pink and textures like faux fur, sequins, velvet etc. I LOVE mixing statement with understated and having the freedom to customise pieces in order to add your own flare and personality.

For me, it is all about everyone taking things that they love and combining it all together to create a vision of fabulousness.
When looking at fashion icons as inspo, for the mini’s of the world I adore little North West’s style and for the adults, it has got to
be Justin Bieber’s fiancés and iconic beauty Hailey Baldwin.

Whether it’s a sequin gown being rocked with van high tops, a cycling short combo or slip dress in different prints or textures being paired with trainers, boots or slides; both of their styles is just everything that I adore.

BUT what I think that it all comes down to is confidence. You could be wearing the trendiest look but if you haven’t got a) the confidence or b) a stretching smile to finish it off then the whole look is lost. I just think that if you like it wear it and your aura will shine through and this is the most beautiful thing of all.

Kate x


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