Mini Mode Model interview with… Bella!
June 20, 2019
Mini Mode Walk FAQ’s
July 2, 2019

Dear Mini Moders


We cannot wait to see your entries… the link our BRAND NEW web app is below!

Please note – we’ve designed a completely new and bespoke web app for this process so there may be some teething issues in these first few days, we appreciate your support and patience.

The best way to use this is on a laptop – so if you’re having issues, try using a laptop or tablet!
If you’re having problems uploading images, they may be too big – try screenshotting them or shrinking them and try again!

We’ve tried explain things as much as possible so PLEASE read everything we’ve sent you carefully before asking us questions. We’ve got everything on there.

Everything is explained in the Web App, but here’s a few points:

💜We need your pictures along with a short video of your walk. Either upload this to the App or include a link to where people can see it. No private IG pages please.

💜We will also need the model’s measurements in cm’s please, along with general sizing. This is all clear on the form.

💜Ages: 18 months to 15 years. Worldwide.

💜You MUST register an account and audition via our online app to enter. This includes models who have worked with us before.

💜Yes – we are sooo sorry but there is a registration fee for models who are accepted in the show. If you are shortlisted or just applying, there is NO charge, this is purely for those who are lucky enough to be confirmed for the show.

💜The registration fee is £50 per model (although only £25 per sibling if more than one from a family is chosen. There’s also a licencing fee of £30 for every child. More info on the Web App, please read carefully.

💜Although we have a fee, we also have the Mini Mode scheme in place so that any financial restrictions won’t hinder your chance of the application process.

💜Please do share your walks and these graphics on social media, but these will not count as entries. DM’s, emails etc will not be counted as entries – everything NEEDS to go through the system.

We look forward to seeing your entries!!


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