The Mini Mode Model Callout is now OPEN!
June 28, 2019
July 10, 2019

The Mini Mode Callout is now officially closed, but we still want those of you involved with the process to be able to access our FAQ’s. 

Please find these all below… do reach out at if you have any questions! 


1. Overview of the audition process

Parent/Guardian is required to create an account with us. You will then be able to create kid accounts by provising basic information about the model/child including 3 images and you can either upload a small video or share a link with us during the audition stage. Our team will go through each audition. We will then announce the shortlisted models on the 5th July.

I’ve created an account – what next?

Each model needs their own application. You can create this in the kid’s tab on your account. Please make this as up to date as possible.

I’ve created my kid profile – what next?

Once you’ve created your kid profile, you need to apply for the show!

Head over to the Audition tab on your account where you can apply for the Friday and Saturday show. Different rules apply depending on your age, and you’re welcome to apply for both days (this is in fact, preferred) but under 5’s will ultimately only be able to walk in one show. 
Please make sure to press SUBMIT when you’re happy with your application – otherwise we will not receive it. Your application will not be marked as complete until you get a decision from us.

2. What happens after I received a decision?


The first step is shortlisting, which will be announced on the 5th July. Models that have been shortlisted are not confirmed for the show yet, the final decision on models will be based on the designer sizes. Models that have been shortlisted will not need to provide any payment but will need to submit the details for their child performance licence – this includes providing us with a school permission letter, which you need to provide us with ASAP.


We will then be matching models to their designers and once this is completed, we will announce the finalists for the show. We’re aiming to announce this the soonest, but it depends on the designers. Once this has been announced, the registration and licencing fee is due.

3. Can I submit multiple applications?

If you want to submit more than one child, you can do so under your parent account. Each child needs their own application, images and video.

4. How much is the fee?

Registration Fee
The registration fee for the show is £50 per child.

Registration for siblings

If you have more than one child accepted in the show, each additional model will have a registration fee of £25. 
Please note that this is only applicable for the finalists, the children who are confirmed for the show. There is no fee when applying for the show.

Licencing Fee

Mini Mode will need to apply for a child performance licence for all children in the show, unless they are under legal school age (Nursery School or the equivalent). This is a £30 per child in addition to your registration fee. E.g. if you have 3 children in the show, the show fee is £100 for registration plus £90 for the licences.


5. What is the Mini Mode Experience?

It has been truly wonderful to witness the benefits and numerous opportunities off the back of Mini Mode’s fashion shows. Mini Mode uses a high percentage of real kids who don’t often get the chance to shine, to be seen and to show their full potential. This is just one factor that makes us stand out from the crowd. Our policy is to have kids from all walks of life who do not need to be signed by an agency to partake in our fashion shows. The Mini Mode experience is really priceless in terms of the exposure, imagery and opportunity. Mini Mode aims to create deeply positive memories for kids whilst being a platform for them to experience their dreams and grow their full potential. It may be a once in a lifetime experience that frames their future.

6. Special Dispensation

We will give assistance to parents on UK benefits through our Mini Mode scheme so that all people can continue to be able to access the fashion show.

7. Which show do I apply for?

5 and over can apply to walk on both days and this is certainly preferred. On Saturday, there will be 2 shows and any children walking on Saturday will be walking in both shows if they are over 5.

Under 5’s are only allowed to walk in 1 show due to children’s working regulation laws – so there will be an option for them to apply for one of the 3 shows. If you can do the timings of more than one, you can select this and we will choose which show you are assigned to at a later date.

8. How and where do I attend show and rehearsals

The rehearsals will be on the 7th September in London. All models must attend, unless you are coming from abroad.

The show dates are the 13th and 14th September and the venue is in London. You will be given dates and times for when you need to attend closer to the time.

You will be assigned to a zone nearer to the show date. Details about shows and rehearsals will be published on your online account.

9. Accommodation

If you need to stay in a hotel for the show, Mini Mode will provide you with a list of approved hotels for you as this is required for the licences to be approved. If you find alternative options, please be advised that for licencing approval, your hotel must have a sperate breakfast and dining facility. Hotels that offer bed and breakfast in the room will not be accepted by the borough when applying for a licence.

10. Statement of responsibility

Mini Mode understands that you are keen to be in the show, but we ask that you consider your financial situation before agreeing to be in the show – including accommodation, travel etc.

11. I’m having issues submitting my application – what shall I do?

If you’re trying to submit on a phone, try working on a laptop or tablet as this is where the web app works best. This will be where you’ll get the best experience.

If you’re having issues uploading pictures, the file size may be too large – try screenshotting the image / decreasing the file size and reupload. The image limit is 8MB and 16MB for video

If you’re having issues uploading your walk, once again the file size may be too large. The file limit is 16MB. (Image format must be any of the following – .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .png, .GIF, .gif) (Video format – ‘mp4’, ‘MP4’, ‘wmv’, ‘AVI’, ‘avi’, ‘WMV’, ‘mov’, ‘MOV’ ) Uploading images and videos may take some time to go through, so please be patient if it doesn’t happen immediately, it might take a few minutes.

Once you’ve submitted your applications (remember – you need to send an application in for every show you want to enter) you should see it say ‘complete’ next to your submission, otherwise it hasn’t gone through. Please check this before leaving the Web App. 


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