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November 11, 2019
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April 9, 2020

It’s a strange time right now, we know.

Everyone’s schedules have been disrupted and we know that it can be particularly upsetting for kids when routines have been thrown off – and trying to understand something like this virus can be scary for them.

So we thought we’d put together a little list of some things you could do as a family during this time of self-isolation… to keep you busy, sane and together!

Set a (new) routine: even when the regular schedule is thrown out, a good way to keep everyone feeling in control is to create a new routine for everyone so the kids know what’s going on and what to expect. 

Make time for learning: Although this doesn’t have to be the focus of every day (we know it can be hard and you’re doing the best that you can do) but do take some time each day and keep the kids learning. A lot of schools have supplied home schooling supplies and you can find plenty online as well. Organise short sessions of learning, followed up by something fun.

Create a timeout space: It can be a lot when a whole family is at home and you feel like you’re on top of each other sometimes. So dedicate some space where your kids know they can go and won’t be disturbed when they need some time to cool off by themselves and have some alone time. You can even set up a safe word.

Do some sports: Make sure to keep everyone healthy as well as burn off some of that extra energy with some exercise. If you have a garden, plan some activities outside or do something in the house. A lot of people seem to be following the Joe Wickes, the Body Coach’s PE class at 9AM – find out more here.

Get in the kitchen: if you have the supplies, get the kids involved with baking or cooking. They’ll learn something, have fun and you’ll get something done at the same time.

Play board games: take this time to connect with each other, take a break from Netflix and play some game such as Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders and the Pie Face game to name a few. Things like dancing to music and Twister will also help to shed excess energy in the kids!

Be crafty: pull out those old art projects, do finger painting, make a scrapbook or decorate t-shirts… the list is endless. Kids would love to get to create things to keep them occupied and amused.

Foster an animal: this will not be for everyone and will be depend on your kids and the animal temperaments too. But animal shelters are also struggling at the moment… and if you think you’ll be able to cope, contact your local animal shelter and see if you can foster an animal for a couple of weeks. They’ll get the attention they need and your kids can have something to love and look after… if you think they’d want to give them back at the end!

What have you been doing with the kids to keep them occupied? Leave comments on our Instagram page with what you’re up to – send us your pictures to

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