Fun things to do this Easter with your kids!
April 9, 2020
Mini Mode Designer Interview: Katie Lockwood founder of Little Lord and Lady
April 9, 2020

Hello Mini Moders,

We are going through life changing times. The good thing is that we’re going through this TOGETHER. It’s a shared experience and as such we can all live and learn it together.

My background is in psychology and as such my approach is to share with you some deeper inspirations and practical parenting tips for issues that have arisen during this ‘lockdown’

I’ve enlisted Anita, who is not only an educator, journalist and creative, but a mom to 4 boys and a wife. She’s also dealt with some very real issues which can arise in family life. So here’s our introduction video. We’ll post twice a week on all of our channels. Please watch, share, and ask questions. We’re here for you.  


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