Announcing our fabulous Sponsor, VIP Pets Mini Fans
December 18, 2020
Q&A with Sponsor Harumika
February 19, 2021

Mini Moder’s – it’s NEARLY SHOWTIME! As you know, our show is airing WORLDWIDE for the public on the 20th February and you’ll be able to watch it on our YouTube channel and here

We’re so thrilled to have wonderful sponsors this season, so we thought we’d catch up with one of our sponsors VIP Pets to have a chat with them and tell you a little more about them and their brand. Here’s Kerry Tarrant, IMC UK Marketing Manager. 


Tell us about the VIP Pets Mini Fans

VIP Pets Mini Fans are the new crazy supporters of the VIP Pets dolls, and just like VIP Pets, the fans share a passion for hair!  They really are the most fashionable collectible pets with the longest hair!


How was the name chosen?

The original idea for the brand was based on super cute little dogs living in Hollywood’s Beverly Hills.  They were always at the salon, super groomed, super stylish, and always paparazzi ready – hence the VIP!


In 2020 we relaunched the collection as a range of fashionable pet dolls, all with super long hair.  They live in Glam City, Hollywood.  Each doll has a different hobby and personality, but they’re united by their passion for hairstyles – they really are the most fashionable pets.


How did you get inspired to design toys?

The toy company behind VIP Pets Mini Fans is IMC Toys – we’re all about developing amazing toys and content for our YouTube shows.  The inspiration is always about innovation – what’s new, what’s different, what do kids want to collect, how can we be surprising…


Tell us about your YouTube TV Show

The Kitoons YouTube channel is where VIP Pets and Mini Fans come alive – the animated series features storylines of friendship, hairstyles, fashion and the importance of being yourself.  There’s always new episodes landing following VIP Pets in their new adventures.


We noticed that all your characters are quite diverse, what’s your messaging with this?

Each of the original VIP Pets and now their Mini Fans is unique – each has their own personality and excels in their own hobby.  It’s all about embracing diversity and inclusivity.


What do you love about Mini Mode?

Mini Mode is a brilliant showcase for the kids’ fashion market.  We love their passion for kids and their desire to unite elements of glamour, empowerment, creativity, and inclusivity in the global kids arena.  And it’s such a great experience for the kids.


What advice would you like to tell all young children out there?

Everything is possible, and it’s OK to be different, so love yourself and go for your dreams. 


Can you give us a sneak peek into what the brand has planned for in the future?

Oooh I wish we could! All I can say is there are some hugely exciting developments for later this year and for next Christmas. Watch this space!



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