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February 16, 2021
Made to Measure
March 22, 2021

Mini Moder’s – it’s NEARLY SHOWTIME! As you know, our show is airing WORLDWIDE for the public on the 20th February and you’ll be able to watch it on our YouTube channel and here

We’re so thrilled to have wonderful sponsors this season, so we thought we’d catch up with one of our sponsors Harumika to have a chat with them and tell you a little more about them and their brand. Have a read!  

Tell us a little bit about Harumika…How was the name chosen?

Harumika is named from two girls, Haru and Mika. This is popular girl’s name in Japan. The name of the product is inspired by the story of these girls fulfilling their fashion dreams.(of course it is a fictional story!)

And also, inspired from the high-brand designers who are active world widely and use their own name as their brand, like ISSEY MIYAKE.

What is the inspiration behind the toys?

Even adults find it difficult to use a needle and thread. We thought it would be easier to make clothes, and this product was born.

By wrapping a mannequin with fabric and creating a fashion, we wanted kids to feel like they are a real designer.

What do you love about Mini Mode and our kids?

They are all super cool and cute!

Which designer would your dream collaboration?

Melis Kaptanoglu!

The concept seems to be about getting kids to be creative. Why do you see this as important?

Because we want each kid’s talent to bloom. At HARUMIKA, there is not only one answer, but all are correct. We want kids to explore the infinite possibilities that spread from one piece of fabric.

What’s the most creative design you’ve personally come up with?


What advice would you like to give children about creativity?

There is no right answer to creativity. Explode your creativity and style your imagination!

Can you give us a sneak peek into what the brand has planned for in the future? Is there anything else you’d like to mention?
We are expanding the ideas that you can enjoy arranging more. Please look forward to it.


Find out more about Harumika on their Instagram here

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