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Interview with ‘I Got this’ co-authors Cara and Chrissie
July 6, 2022

Group of kids enjoying their time at the beach

The Summer holidays are coming up! It can be daunting trying to fill up that time off, so we’ve put together some ideas for you to spend some quality times with your loved ones. It’s always nice to do something different, something you wouldn’t usually do. Here’s some starting points… we’d love to hear what your summer plans are!  

We know you’re not all in London, but we’ve included a few London-specific places that we’d recommend… feel free to find your own alternatives!

See the animals

Going to places like zoos, farms and aquariums with your kids can be amazing. Seeing the wonder and amazement in your kids’ eyes as they see an animal for the first time is priceless… see their eyes light up. They can also offer incredible learning opportunities.

Depending on what you’ve got available to you, you could take a day trip to the zoo, a farm, or an aquarium.  Paradise wildlife park is one of our favourites… will be loved by kids who love dinosaurs too.

Pack up a picnic

Get out of the house this summer, but we know it can get expensive going out to eat… so if the weather is nice, why not pack a picnic with lots of delicious goodies? You can get creative and have a little fun with it.

Go out in nature

You could visit a nature reserve or even visit a park. Spending some time in nature…

Being out in nature is a great place for discovery and growth for kids, where imagination is at its peak. Let them discover the world around them while connecting with family, away from the distractions of TV and other toys they could find at home.

Bug lovers will love the Camley Street Natural Park and Kew Gardens would also be a hit.

Perhaps with the picnic we mentioned earlier…. Yes?

Enjoy some entertainment

It’s not on you to keep your kids entertained all the time and you don’t need to rely solely on their devices either – you can get out and see entertainment in the world for something different. You don’t have to go to the west end for the theatre – look for a local musical or panto that your kids might love, although we are partial to the Matilda theatre show. You could also make a trip to the cinema. There’s also an interactive fairy-tale experience, Shrek’s Adventure.

You could also visit a museum or gallery if that’s their sort of thing. If you’re in London we’d recommend the London Transport Museum or the Natural History Museum.

What are you planning on doing with the kids this Summer?

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