Supporting the Osteopathic Centre for Children

Mini Mode is passionate about using this innovative event as a launch pad to support a UK charity close to the heart of Mini Mode Co-founder, Amanda Rabor. Since 1991, the Osteopathic Centre for Children has provided specialist paediatric osteopathy for perinatal women, babies, children and teens on a donate-what-you-can basis. The main OCC clinic is in Wandsworth, with an outreach clinic in Shoreditch, as well as at the Starlight neonatal unit in Barnet Hospital.

The OCC’s highly skilled paediatric osteopaths use very gentle, non-invasive techniques to help soothe and relax babies or relieve tension and stresses on mum’s body before or after birth.

They also treat older children up to 18 years old with issues ranging from digestion and circulatory problems to minor sports injuries, aches and pains, and the inability to relax due to a variety of pressures likes exam stress. They support families with children with disabilities and learning dif culties, and always treat holistically to help restore, maintain and support health and well-being.

In addition to this, we’ll be supporting the OCC by donating 5% of ticket sales. Our biggest hope is raise awareness of the OCC so more people know about the bene ts their services can bring.

To find out more, go to ooc