Mini Mode Models 

I want to submit my child to be considered to model at your show. How do I do this? 
We have specific windows where we will hold callouts for the shows and will only be accepting applications during these times. Please follow us on social media to find out more. Please do not submit your models to us at any other time during the year – these submissions will not be considered. 

What age models do you look for?
10 months to 14 years.

Do I have to be in the UK to apply to be a model for Mini Mode?
You don’t have to be in the UK to apply but please note that Mini Mode will not be able to cover any travel expenses.

My child is in the show, do I still need a ticket to watch them?
Yes, you will need to have a ticket for the show due to the seating arrangements. If the model is 7 and under, a parent will need to stay backstage with them, so this parent will not be able to see the show from the seats, as you will be escorting them to and from the catwalk, so can watch them here.


The Show

I missed your show! When will your next show be?
We show twice a year – this usually works out to be February/September. But keep an eye on our website/social media for dates!

How can I buy tickets for the show?

We will let you know when the tickets are on sale. 

I have a 6 month-year-old baby, can I bring them to the show? 

Yes, babies are welcome! But please make sure you register them with a baby ticket (this ticket is for up to 1 years old and is a free ticket). This is for health and safety reasons.

Can I buy tickets at the door for the show?

No, you must purchase a ticket for the show via our official platforms – this is usually Eventbrite. If there are any other platforms we will announce this here. 



I’m a brand new designer, but I love your show, can I still apply to be part of it?
Of course! You can apply to be part of our show by emailing us at We encourage both emerging and established brands to apply.


Sponsorship and Advertising

We’d love to sponsor/advertise at your event, how do we get in touch?
That’s fantastic! You can email us at



We’d love to cover your event for our website/blog/magazine, how do I get a ticket?
Email us at and we can arrange a press ticket.